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秘魯 COE卓越杯在Vela Ethan維啦怡森

Our company, Vela Ethan Co. has the following slogan: "We care that you care". This slogan represents the feeling of our company, towards our suppliers, who more than suppliers, are our reason for being. We work directly with coffee producers, to ensure, not only the quality of the product; but mainly their well-being.

On this occasion, we are proud to report that in the Cup of Excellence of Peru, Vela Ethan became the winner, with two of the best Peruvian coffees that we could taste in the competition.

Very soon, we will tell you when we will make a cupping with the best coffees of Peru.

我們的公司維啦怡森Vela Ethan的口號是:“我們在乎您在乎的”。這個口號除了我們在乎我們客戶外,同時我們也在乎我們的供應商。

Vela Ethan維啦怡森 直接與咖啡莊園合作,不僅要確保產量,更重要的是確保產品質量。

藉此機會,我們很榮幸地向您通知,在此次2020秘魯COE卓越杯中,維啦怡森Vela Ethan 標下了在咖啡界中高手心中最好的兩隻咖啡。

很快,我們將為您提供最新的TOP15 COE秘魯杯測活動時間,敬請留意…

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